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Ayres will be closed to the public until further notice.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but are so thankful for the continued support!

Missing in Gloversville!

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Seresto Collars (Spoiler: They're Safe!)

Recently an article came out that raised concerns about the safety of Seresto collars. With over 25 MILLION sold, less than 1% of collars have had a reported reaction, mostly being mild skin irritation.

1. Unfortunately the authors of this article elected NOT to seek the advice of a veterinarian or veterinary toxicologist before publishing the article. If they had they would find that the toxicologists agree that the active ingredients in Seresto collars are safe for pets and would not explain the severe adverse reactions described in the article.

2. The article references Amazon sales....Did you know there are a LOT of counterfeit collars being sold from online pharmacies including Amazon? The counterfeit drug market is estimated to be in the 200 million dollar a year range. As you could presume, we see a much higher rate of reactions from fake collars and medications than from real ones. It's a sad reality that when something is such a good deal, you probably are getting what you pay for, but at your pets' expense.

3. We spend a LOT of time researching vaccinations, medications, preventatives and treatments, and are always working toward providing the BEST care possible. Rest assured that if evidence arises at any time that brings into question the safety of these collars, or any other product for that matter, we will let you know. Any owner who has a concern about a potential adverse effect reach out directly to Elanco using their veterinary hotline at 800-255-6826. As a reminder, when you purchase your products directly from your veterinarian you get the full support of the companies as well.

Finally, we do understand that you want what is best for your pet. Therefore, it is important to prevent tick disease here in upstate NY. Unfortunately, we have seen more pets get sick from Lyme disease or Anaplasmosis over the years than from any of these aforementioned preventatives. Everyone has an opinion, but unfortunately not everyone has research or the knowledge to support their theories. Please consider the source of any “medical” opinion prior to making decisions that may have a significant impact on your pets health.

As always, if you have any questions at all regarding your furry friend, please call our hospital at 518-993-3332! 🙂
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New Leash on Life drawing!!

Help us finish off this fundraiser! We had plans for this 2nd year, but that didn't go as planned.

We would love to be able to pick 3 lucky winners soon!

$10/ticket. 500 tickets total to sell. Then we will do the drawing!

First drawn wins $1,000!
Second drawn wins $400!
Third drawn wins $200!

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Ohhh my. 😍 Any 🍿 lovers?

Meet Popcorn! This big ol' 75 pound boy is just looking for someone to watch a movie with him every night.

Popcorn is only about a year old and will likely do some more filling out. He is young, but has been great with other dogs. He hasn't been around small dogs or kitties yet. But we can test him.
Some older kids may be better, just because of his size, but he does love his people! He needs some basic training still - but he really has done so well from the guy we could hardly walk when he came in.

Popcorn we believe is some sort of Bernese Mountain Dog (Swiss Mountain dog?) Mix.

Whatever he is... he is cuuuuttteeeee!

Want to inquire about him, shoot us a message or visit Ayresanimalshelter.org/adopt
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