Finding our dogs their perfect forever home is extremely important to everyone at Ayres. We do our best to match potential adopters with dogs who would best fit into their families and we  pride ourselves in being completely honest when it comes to each dog and any quirks they may have. We understand that finding a new dog and adding them to your home can be a lot, and we strive to help make it as easy and happy of a process as possible! 

If you see a dog you see on our site, you can stop up anytime during open hours to meet that dog.  It is always a good idea to call ahead of time, or even email us to find out if that dog is still available, if you have any questions you want to know before coming out or if you just want to see if that dog is a good fit for you or you for them. If a dog’s bio says that they require an appointment to meet them, it is either because they are in a foster home, or are still working on meeting new people and require our trainer to be present for the meet and greet. 

Once you (and everyone in your home) meet the dog you are interested in, we do have an adoption application that everyone has to fill out to begin the screening process. 

If you didn’t do a meet and greet with any other dogs in the home, we do take that step next, too. Just like people. dogs don’t always hit it off, so a meet and greet always has to be done to ensure they are a good match for one another. 

Once the adoption paperwork has been gone over, and everything looks great then we schedule a home visit with the dog to make sure all animals get along in the home and that it is a good place for said dog to call home. Don’t worry, we are absolutely NOT critical on home visits. Just want to make sure that it is safe for our dogs to live in. 

Click here for our adoption application. This will bring you to our Google Drive. You can not edit the application, but if you go to File on the top left under Adoption Application, you can save it to your computer, or save it to your own personal Google Drive to send back in an attachment or link.

Dog Adoption Fee: $125

Includes: Spay/Neuter, Rabies Vaccination, Duramune Max 5 Distemper, Heartworm/Lyme Testing, Microchipping, De-worming, Nail Trimming, Flea Treatment and Lyme Treatment (If Needed)

Puppie Adoption Fee: $70 + $50 (Spay/Neuter Deposit) + $120

Includes: Age appropriate vaccinations, De-worming, Nail Trimming, Flea Treatment (If Needed) **The spay and neuter deposit can be applied to be used at our Spay and Neuter Clinic or once you have it done at your own veterinarian, send us the Spay or Neuter Certificate and we will send the refunded deposit out to you.*