Breed Misconceptions

Breed Misconceptions That We've Heard at Ayres...

Pit Bulls. Hound dogs. Chihuahuas. What do these and many other well-known breeds have in common? Stigmas. The very names themselves frequently evoke an instant profiling response in the minds of many. It's safe to say there's likely not a shelter worker in the world that hasn't experienced, overheard, or had to mitigate and dissuade obvious breed discrimination by potential adopters.

Take pitties, for example. Many people will refuse to meet a dog even remotely resembling a pit bull, based on widespread fallacies that have become an often subtle - but pervasive - undercurrent of misinformation. "Locking" jaws? Untrue. All are dangerous around kids? Untrue. Incapable of playing nice with other pets? Untrue! A blocky-headed, muscle-bound pittie will often surprise you by having the most loving and affable demeanor.

The diminutive chihuahua isn't always up for being adorned with frilly bows and sashayed around in a purse - nor is it always nippy or temperamental. Not all hound dogs are rowdy, or desire to spend the entirety of their days hunting. SO many wonderful dogs can make the most incredibly sweet, goofy, cherished family pets, and yet they are often overlooked at the shelter due to breed misconceptions.

We at Ayres know that just like people, dogs are special, unique, and deserve to be appreciated and loved for their individuality. While it's true that breeds do possess certain inherent traits, assumptions should never be made without first getting to know the dog. Resist the urge to jump on the discrimination bandwagon - research the facts (not the myths) about a breed from reliable sources. But ultimately, research the dog itself! Schedule an appointment at the shelter to meet and play with a dog. Throw a frisbee, play fetch, get down and dirty and messy. Find out what makes him tick, what ignites the spark in his eye. Get to know a dog's soul and his heart. And chances are, if you did have any preconceived breed notions, they'll be quickly and happily licked away.


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