Don't forget about our cats!

Our shelter receives many feral kittens under 2 months of age that can be socialized and in time become loving, affectionate pets. The Shelter also receives many domesticated adult cats that require socialization due to the high level of stress they suffer from being caged.

The taming process for these scared cats takes patience and the understanding that the cats will come around at their own pace. Sometimes it takes a month, sometimes six months depending on the age and temperament of the cat.

The Ayres Socialization Team works with our scared cats daily to prepare them for adoption. Due to restrictions however, we cannot unfortunately always provide the amount of time that these cats require.

Individuals are desperately needed to adopt these great cats and to continue the socialization process in the home. Advice is provided on the adjustment process.


Do you have a home that a momma kitty would love to raise her babies in?

We are ALWAYS looking for loving, dedicated and safe foster homes for our pregnant or nursing momma kitties to raise their babies in until they are ready to find their forever homes.

If you would like to find out more about this, please contact Marissa at

Our pups and kitties thank the

for their life saving support!