Crazy About Pets Magazine

"Mike and I started our place mat business Creativity Unleashed almost 5 years ago. We are able to feature some wonderful local rescues on our mats and it really helps get more exposure for pets that need forever homes. So we started to think one day, "How could we help even more shelters get noticed?". Crazy About Pets was the answer to that! By publishing this magazine we are able to feature many different rescues/shelters at the same time, giving the community the information they may need when looking for a pet to add to their families. We found while working with such special shelter workers and volunteers that they don't get the recognition they need, they can't advertise the way they would like to in order to get the word out about who they are. This magazine helps do that. We have some wonderful contributors as well who cover important topics each time. The heartwarming stories we have been able to place on these pages are the result of some wonderful pet loving people who have offered to tell their stories. It is our hope that this magazine serves to steer people toward local rescue organizations and shelters to adopt. It would be wonderful as well if this serves to inspire people to either volunteer or donate to area shelters/rescues so they can continue their amazing work."


Are you crazy about pets?

So are Linda and her husband, Mike! Check out the work that they do to highlight amazing local shelters and rescues - including Ayres!



Creativity Unleashed just came out with a new "mini" addition, too! Check out the wonderful Foster magazine!


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