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Dog Control Officers for Ayres Animal Shelter:
  • Village of Canajoharie - Canajoharie Police Department - 518.673.3111
  • Town of Canajoharie  -  Steve Fredenburg - 518.673.2583
  • Town of Charleston    -  Richard Rickard  -  518.922.6672
  • Town of Root              -  Richard Rickard   -  518.922.6672
  • Town of Glen              -  Brian Alling          -  518.922.5271 or 518.848.2102
  • Town of Palatine        -  Cheryl Sebastian  -  518.673.5785
  • Town of Mohawk       - Rosalie Quon          -  518.848.4010
  • Town of Minden        -  Jim Brownell         -   518.993.5190 or 518.774.6300
  • Village of Fort Plain   -   Jim Brownell         -   518.993.5190 or 518.774.6300

Animal Control Officers for Other Area Shelters

  • City of Amsterdam    - Gina Kline                -  518.265.2842 or 518.842.1100

  • Town of Mayfield      - Nancy Parker           -  518.775.6671

  • Town or Johnstown   - Nancy Hart              -  518.762.8163

  • City of Gloversville    -  Richard Schuyler   -  518.736-2100

  • Town of Perth            -  Sherri Crouse         -  518.848.0983

  • Town of St Johnsville - Jim Castrucci         -  518.332.4999

  • Town of St Johnsville  -  Jim Brownell       - 518.993.5190 or 518.774.6300 (Weekends)

  • Town of Broadalbin    -  Dan Pots               - 518.866.9687

  • City of Johnstown        -  Kim Walker         - 518-848- 9534

  • Town of Caroga Lake   -Howard Dutcher   - 518-835-8209

  • Town of Esperance       - Jillian Smith          - 518-506-0650

  • Town of Carlisle            - Sue                              - 518-708-9193

If your dog is at the shelter, he was brought here by the dog warden for safe keeping. 
You must redeem your pet at the town clerk's office in the town where he was picked up. 
In accordance with New York State Law, an animal shelter is not allowed to release an animal without a license, town clerk's approval and redemption fees to the town clerk. 
If this is unsatisfactory to you, please bring your complain the the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets or to the town meeting. 
The animal shelter is used to house your pet for safe-keeping.  Just be glad your pet is safe.

How Do I Redeem My Dog?

Step 1 - Call the shelter about your missing pet!
Step 2 - If your pet is licensed and has a rabies - contact your town clerk in order to pay your redemption fee.
Step 2a - If your pet is not current on rabies/license, let us know. Give us your contact information and we will let you know when our vet will be in to administer the vaccination. We will then send that certificate to the town clerk where you will go to pay the redemption fee and get your pup licensed.
Step 3 - Then bring the copy of the receipt and license to Ayres take your pup home! ♥
Before we are able to release any dogs brought in by our Dog Control Officers, he must be up to date on rabies and be currently licensed in the town in which he lives.
If your dog is not current on Rabies, they can have that while they are at Ayres.  You are responsible for the vaccination fee at the time that you pick up your dog. We will fax the rabies certificate to the town clerk in which you will be licensing him. There, the town will charge the licensing fee, as well as a redemption fee.
After 24 hours of coming in without any contact from owners, Ayres will administer a distemper vaccination and begin de-worming treatments to help protect both our animals and your pet.  If flea treatment, medical attention, or grooming is needed for your animals health/comfort - they will receive it.  Ayres reserves the right to charge boarding fees.  All charges must be paid before your pet will be released.

Our pups and kitties thank the

for their life saving support!