Myth: Dog Kennels Are Like Jail Cells

Shelter-Myth-Busters : Ayres Edition

Myth: "Dog kennels are like jail cells."

We've all heard our share of disheartening comments about shelter dogs in their kennels, or maybe even thought them ourselves at times: "Look how miserable he looks in that kennel!" or "They're just locked in there day and night - like prison!" or "Kennels are so cold, that dog is shivering." or "They must be bored out of their minds." It's easy to become misinformed when you've never actually visited a shelter, spent time with shelter animals, or spoke with staff and volunteers. But take a look at this picture of Ayres resident Baby in her kennel (photo 1)! Yes, those are all HER toys stacked up next to her - and that's a genuinely radiant expression on her face.

Kennels are actually more like furnished bedrooms for our Ayres shelter pups. They are brimming with all the comforting amenities they could possibly need: Cozy beds, blankets to snuggle on, their favorite bones and chew sticks, TOYS, food/water, and treats. And just like you wouldn't spend 24/7 in your bedroom, neither do they. Dogs at the shelter regularly get lots of quality outdoor playtime, walks, outings with shelter buddies, and even enjoy helping out in the office from time to time (see photos 2 - 4)! Their kennel is a place they can return to after their activites, stretch out, and completely unwind and relax - knowing they are perfectly loved and safe.

After reviewing all of this evidence - still believe dog kennels are like jail cells?

Myth = BUSTED!! 🙂


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