Myth: We consider dogs brought to us to have been “dumped” by their former owners.

Shelter-Myth-Busters : Ayres Edition

Myth: We consider dogs brought to us to have been "dumped" by their former owners.

Imagine, if you will, a tragic or unforeseen circumstance that forces you to part with a very dear member of your family: your pet. It's never an easy step to take, and can perhaps be the most heartbreaking decision you'll ever have to make. But sad though it may be, the staff at Ayres is always acutely sensitive to the fact that life does happen - and that surrendering your dog (or cat) to the shelter is often the most benevolently compassionate and sensible option for both person and pet.

Afraid of being judged, interrogated, scolded, demeaned, or disparagingly looked upon as "dumping" your dog? Please don't be. Ayres is, and always will be, a judgement-free zone! We won't jump to conclusions, and we'll never make you feel the need to embellish or dramatize your story in order for us to receive your dog. Each and every animal that comes through our shelter's doors - for WHATEVER reason - is welcomed with open arms, and will be prioritized and cherished to the best of our abilities. And rest assured that your pet will receive optimal physical, mental, and emotional TLC, until the happy day when we can place him in a home ideally suited to his individual needs.

But we at Ayres are only human, and you may catch us on a day when we seem a bit frazzled, or teetering at our wits' end. Shelter work is intensive. It's an uphill battle. Remember that we are often at or near shelter capacity, and that our very blood, soul, sweat, and tears is poured on a daily basis into the care of our animals. So yes, although it may seem at times that adding another dog or cat into the mix is a little stressful for us, it is NOT because we are judging you! And in accepting your surrendered pet, it's also not primarily because you are entrusting us to do what is best with your dog - it's ultimately because we are striving and hoping to do our very best by him.

So please, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you find yourself in this most difficult of positions. We know that there are often other alternatives to surrendering your animal, but also realize they aren't always viable, or within reach to everyone. Your pet is a treasured soul and will always be treated as one by the Ayres staff. This - above all else - is our life's work, our sincere passion, and our mission at Ayres. It is our promise to you and to your dog.

Still think we'll consider your surrendered dog as being "dumped"? Myth: busted!


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