2020 Save a Life Campaign!


To say that we at Ayres our thankful to have been accepted to join the 2020 Staffworks Save a Life Campaign is an absolute understatement!!  Talk about an amazing organization really coming together to help area dogs and cats while they wait for their forever homes!

What exactly does being apart of the Save a Life Campaign mean?

It means that our supporters have an even greater opportunity to make such a huge impact to the animals in our community!

The Staffworks Fund Save a Life Campaign is matching donations dollar for dollar up until $10,000!!  If the $10,000 is reached, then they will donate $1,000 for every $5,000 we get from donors like you. That goes up until organizations reach $100,000.  How amazing is that?! If an organization does reach $100,000, then $2,000 will also be given to them. I know what we would do with $100,000 - and boy would that be some happy animals from our community!!

Who is Staffworks?

Staffworks stablished in 1994 by Anita Vitullo, a staffing industry professional with more than 40 years of experience, Staffworks has provided the highest level of service to Central New York. Staffworks™ is locally owned, with nine regional offices and the financial strength to provide the level of service that employees want and clients deserve.

Giving Back

The Save - A - Life Campaign landing page can be visited at:

Save A Life Campaign 2020

When did the Save a Life Campaign begin?

In 2014, the Staffworks Fund Save A Life Campaign was established. This regional fundraising effort provides matching levels for community donations made to animal welfare organizations located in Central New York during the month of December. In 2019, 29 organizations in 13 counties participated in the Campaign raising a record-breaking $1,844,350 in 29 days!  The Campaign has raised more than $3.1 million for non-profit organizations caring for at-risk animals in our regional community.

Why should I chose to donate to Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter during this campaign time?


There's no doubt that this year has been something completely different than anyone really knows what to do with.  But when you are an animal shelter, or a rescue, you have to keep on and help those that need it whether the world has closed down or not.  Things may have been different this year, but one thing that hasn't changed is that we have met some animals that we will never forget.  From the moment an animal enters our doors, they make their way into our hearts.  And our job is to love them and help them.  Some of those dogs and cats are pawfectly healthy and stable and can move on and out into new forever homes quickly! Other's need more medical help, more emotional help, and to have us give them part of our hearts - to heal theirs that have been broken.  We have seen all kinds of dogs and cats this year. And selfishly - we have gotten to have more time with them because of not being open to the public. We have gotten to see them shine through in ways that we may not have been able to because we are constantly running around trying to get things done.  The world may be crazy, but it gave us - and our animals a chance to slow down.  To take in all of those little moments even more than we were able to before.

Ayres rang in 2020 with 47 dogs and 27 kitties calling it home.  So far in 2020, we have taken in 73 stray dogs, 38 owner surrender dogs and 118 cats and kittens. 229 new animals we have gotten to love, heal, treat, and guide on to the pets they are today.   Of the 73 dogs, 31 were reunited with their families that loved them so much. The rest of them, we have seen grow into the dogs that are onto bigger and better today with families who couldn't imagine lives without them.

Why should you chose to donate to Ayres during this campaign?  Because those 272 (198 and 74 ending 2019) animals mentioned above that were unwanted.  They were unwanted - until they came to Ayres and realized how complete strangers could fall in love with them so instantly.  Their every need tended to even though they didn't trust us yet.  Their fur cleaned, their bellies full, their bodies warm (or cooled off in summer) and their minds learning what life is like without worry.  All of those 272 animals that called Ayres their home between homes this year, were all animals local to this community.  They were all animals that needed our help right here in our own backyard.  Your backyard.  Ayres is a shelter who truly believes that these animals right here need us most.  We understand and know that they need to be prioritized, because if we don't - then who will? Your donation will ensure that these animals, our communities animals will be loved and fought for every day.  Your donation will teach these animals all of the good in the world and what they should have known all along, in every beat of their heart.  That they matter.  That they are loved. That someone wants them.



I want to donate to you, how do I make sure that it will be matched and my impact is more?

It is simple!

Donating via check!

  • You can donate via personal check right to the shelter! Our address is 133 Hilltop Rd Sprakers, NY 12166. Checks can be made out to Ayres Shelter.

Please note that checks must be dated between November 30th and December 31st, 2020 to be included in the campaign.

Donating online is easy, too! 

  • You can donate via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AyresMemorialAnimalShelter .
  • You can donate via our secure online donorbox, donation software.

Please note that donations must be made by December 31st, 2020 to be included in the campaign.

Company matches are available! 

  • Ayres' EIN is 23-7349952.  Matches must be done by December 31st, 2020.

**Cash donations and money orders are not eligible to be included in the Save a Life Campaign.**

Our pups and kitties thank the

for their life saving support!