The Lucky 7

On Monday May 11th, the lives of seven dogs changed forever.  These Lucky 7 now truly feel like lucky dogs! A lifetime of neglect led to matted fur, overgrown nails, inability to walk correctly or even properly use the bathroom. Most couldn't see what was happening to them, even though they were leaving the life they knew to feel so much better.

What we saw was one of the worst sights (&smells!!), but with love and TLC both from staff and from the amazing team at Fort Plain Animal Hospital, our lucky little 7 are now feeling better than ever before! Relearning how to walk properly, getting yummy and nutritious food regularly, needed medications, a comfy blanket and time to be outside to enjoy the fresh, warm air. Oh and the cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles!

Believe me when I say these pictures do not do them justice of what was seen in real life. This will just be one of the Lucky 7. The rest will be able to be found on our facebook.

Thank you for any help for these little lovies. We will hug them extra for you! <3


Vander, one of the Lucky 7, after he entered the shelter.